Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kim Sharma’s 4-year relationship with Yuvraj Singh has come to end

For the past 4 years, Indian Cricket Player Yuvraj Singh was dating Bollywood Actress Kim Sharma, it seems.

But recently Yuvaraj Singh is not responding to Kim Sharma and they are breaking up slowly…

Kim Sharma’s 4-year relationship with cricketer Yuvraj Singh has come to en end. Earlier it was said that Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam Singh didn’t approve this relationship due to Kim’s habit of over exposing in films. But it’s clear now that it’s not the reason behind the split. Yuvraj himself cut off the connections with Kim because of Kim’s obsessive and abusive behavior. From his mother’s side, there’s no question of approval or disapproval. Whatever had happened is Yuvraj and Kim’s decision alone.

People close to Yuvraj’s family insist it was Kim’s “obsessive and abusive” behaviour that led to the couple’s breakup, and not Yuvraj’s mother’s disapproval.

Yuvraj Singh’s four-year innings with Kim Sharma has come to an end. This, when just a few days ago, there were rumours about them being ready to walk down the aisle. But, it seems the cricketer-actress’ liaison is not meant to be. And, the reason behind the split is supposed to be Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam, who didn’t approve of her son’s choice and Kim’s habit of exposing too much in films.

However, a source close to the family says this isn’t true. “Shabnam Singh had nothing to do with this. It was Yuvraj’s decision alone. People like to believe that Yuvraj is a mamma’s boy and lets his mother take all decisions for him. But that’s not true. He’s close to his mother, but that doesn’t mean he’s tied to her pallu.”

To newspaper reports that Kim has been heartbroken after the breakup, our source says, “If she was, why has she been spotted with Viveik Oberoi lately? The truth is that Kim had become obsessive and terribly abusive – that was the reason for Yuvraj to call the relationship off. She would keep calling him up all the time and disturb him. It was killing his confidence. This is specially true of the time he was in Pakistan – but Yuvi avoided any kind of retaliation.” Mother Shabnam, says the source, had heard about Kim’s behaviour and bad language and for the past two odd years has been seeing the effect this was having on her son. “From Shabnam’s side, there’s no question of approval or disapproval. Whatever has happened is Yuvraj and Kim’s decision alone.”

When contacted, Shabnam Singh said, “The media is having a field day at Yuvi’s and my expense. Both my son and Kim are grown-up individuals who can take their own decisions. Tell me, do grown-up children in this day and age allow any interference from their parents in such matters? My son is very respectful towards me, but where marriage is concerned, he will make his own decision. And I will let him.”

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